Hovaria 'Hayes Starburst'
The double 'Annabelle'

Hovaria 'Hayes Starburst'

Hydrangea arborescens Hovaria 'Hayes Starburst' or the "double Annabelle" is a spectacular new variety and will be a valuable asset for your garden because it blooms every year, just like 'Annabelle'.

Years ago it appeared as a spontaneous seedling in Hayes Jackson's garden in Alabama, the area in the USA where Hydrangea arborescens is native. Hovaria now exclusively brings this specialty to Europe.

Hovaria 'Hayes Starburst' has inflorescences with double star-shaped flowers which, like those from Hovaria Quercifolia, develop new petals from the centre of each flower over many weeks. This results in a much longer flowering time than that of the existing H. arborescens varieties like the well known 'Annabelle'. The shrub also stays a bit shorter than 'Annabelle' and could need a couple of years to build up a strong and sturdy plant.

Most important care instructions
Habitat: sunny spots as well as lightly shaded locations. No wet areas so be sure to plant it in well drained soil.
Winter hardiness: no problems with frost! However, some protection during the first winter after planting is recommended.
Pruning: as one of the few Hydrangeas she may be pruned yearly, but it is not necessary! Pruning before the end of February, until approximately 15-20cm above the ground, results in long stems with large flower heads, while no pruning leads to more and smaller inflorescences.
To give the plant a better start, don't prune in the first winter / spring after planting.

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