Hovaria® 'Love you kiss'
An ornamental red margin on little white florets. A Japanese breeder was the first one who managed to bring this phenomenon into a modern Hydrangea. Hovaria® introduces this variety into Europe.

Hovaria 'Love you kiss'

This Hydrangea with a flat inflorescence (lacecap or Teller) has large white florets at the outer edge of its inflorescence. Each petal on its turn has a red margin. At a lower temperature and with more light it will be more intensively red coloured.

Hovaria 'Love you kiss' By the making of anthocyanin (a red pigment) at the margin of the petals and in the leaves, the Hovaria® ’Love you kiss’ will attract attention immediately. When the flower buds will have a diameter of a few centimeters -even a long time before the white colour of the flower will be visible- the red margins already can be seen. In full flower the flowers change their colour from white into soft pink, the red margin will be less striking then. After that, the colour of the flowers will change via green into red.

The leaf colour of this special Hydrangea will change too. In the garden the young leaves are brightly red coloured in spring. In summer the leaves are still covered with a slightly red tint as in autumn the intensity of the red colour increases.

Because of her superior bud development the Hovaria® ’Love you kiss’ will flower easily every year again and the hardiness in winter is just as that of other Hydrangeas. It grows rather compactly and by that it will grow a little shorter than the average Hydrangea.

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