Hovaria® 'Hopcorn'
Flowers like popcorn...

Hovaria 'Hopcorn'

A complete new mophead-type Hydrangea.
Hovaria® 'Hopcorn' makes you think about popcorn. The chubby petals remind you of lilac. In combination with the deep purple to fabulous blue flower colour it is a very special new Hydrangea variety.

In calciferous soil 'Hopcorn' makes dark pink flowers.
Read in the chapter "Care" about how to keep blue Hydrangeas blue and pink ones pink. These descriptions are valid for Hovaria® 'Hopcorn' too.

In the garden this variety will build an average size shrub with dark green foliage. In the house you'll enjoy this Hovaria® longer when it is placed on a bright light spot and kept a bit cool.

Hovaria 'Hopcorn' Pink

Once upon a time...
Once upon a time there was a Hydrangea with normal hydrangea flowers.
In the autumn when blooming was over Wilko saw a small part of one of the inflorescenses had chubby petals. The part was smaller than a quarter of the flower head.
After years of selection we finally succeeded to get a flower head that existed 100% out of these specially shaped flowers. It took one more year to grow a complete plant with these flowers.
Then we could start propagating and thinking about a nice name for this eye-catching novelty. The special flowers let us think about popcorn. Our name is Hofstede, so we call her 'Hopcorn': Hofstede's popcorn.
It's a pleasure for us to let also YOU enjoy this new Hovaria®. Please give her a nice spot on the window-sill or in your garden.

The first "piece" of 'Hopcorn' Finally an entire flower headAt last a whole 'Hopcorn' plant

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